We launch our website

After 50 years of experience in the primary sector, the time has come to give visibility to our work.

The quality that consumers demand from our products is only possible if production processes and the way of working evolve at the pace of the 21st century and the new industry 4.0. To do this, we have formed a great team of people, who every day unite the capabilities we have: experience, youth, training, qualifications and above all the desire we have to improve ourselves and achieve new challenges, to adapt to the new realities of the society. Together, we have managed to transform our passion for agriculture and livestock into a way of life. The result is that the product we put on the consumer’s table has extraordinary and proven quality.

We ensure that the passion we put into it every day is reflected in the meat we produce. That is why we want to share with you the great quality of our products and how very present we are with the sustainability of our planet.

On this website, we will inform you of the news related to our company and our sector. From now on, we will share with you our values, as well as the way of working and feeling the product that characterizes us.