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Compound Feed Factory

Our main objective is the design and manufacture of healthy feed made with top quality raw materials and natural supplements that help us improve the immune system of animals and thereby prevent the appearance of diseases.

Agricultural Alcañiz Abadía, SC: ESP22009002

Agroganadera Germán, SL: ESP22009007

For us, food is more than just meeting the needs of animals, it is the search for a high degree of animal well-being.

With high quality cereals used, we achieve a diet with a rich nutritional profile. We carry out exhaustive control of nutrition, through rigorous control of the input of raw materials and with close and constant collaboration with nutritional experts, to design the appropriate feed based on the needs of the animals. The control of the traceability of our feed extends to its storage and distribution.

Our feed is designed based on the following premises:

  • 1st quality raw material
  • Natural nutritional supplements
  • Achieve a balance of nutrients and vitamins
  • Manufacture a stable feed that maintains its quality over time